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    My Gym is ranked as “#1 fitness club for children” in the United States!

Founded in California, My Gym offers programs for children ranging from 0 to 13 years of age. Currently, there are 200 branches throughout the U.S. and also is continuing to grow around the world, with already My Gym locations in 25 other countries. Children at My Gym Japan are connected with friends all over the world through participating in the same program. All classes are taught by native English speaking “Players” or instructors. Your children will enjoy moving their bodies, whilst developing their communication skills as well!

The Numerous Smiles Seen on the Children’s Faces at My Gym

One smile can mean many things. Smiles are the essence of growing up.
A smile can show that one feels “happy”, or “confident”, or when one feels that he/she is put up to a good “challenge”. At My Gym, we encourage smiles not just because one is having fun, but because they feel like they have accomplished something. At My Gym, we offer programs that will challenge your child and help them build a stronger self, which can help them take on future obstacles.
At My Gym, we cherish the smiles that we see on the children’s faces, when they have overcome a challenge.

Children’s Curiosity Has No Limits My Gym Allows For Them to Explore Their Curiosity

The compact space in Japan may limit children to play freely outside. Thus, many are forced to play indoors, having limited opportunities to move their bodies.
At My Gym, we offer a new program each week on the floor and using various gymnastics equipment. The programs help children strengthen their bodies, as well as learn how to learn to use their own muscles. Our goal is to have your children be able to support themselves in the outside world, for example, arm strength is needed when they are interested in climbing a tree or balance and leg and upper body strength is needed when running around in the snow, without falling.
Our goal at My Gym is to help young children build a foundation so that they are able to satisfy their endless curiosity of the world.

Overcome Challenges with the Support of the Players!

Children are challenged with new dynamic movements each week, with the help of the Players (Instructors) At My Gym, the instructors are called Players, because we like to emphasize that each person, each child on the floor are all on one team. The children learn to work together as one team, supporting each other to overcome the challenges in the safe setting we provide.
My Gym maintains high standards in safety and cleanliness. All toys and equipment used in the gym are disinfected daily. With well-trained My Gym players and a safety padded gym floor, My Gym is a safe environment where children can overcome fears and challenges, as well as develop a sense of adventure.